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3 years ago
She's a cutie! That furry snatch reminds me of my first in the mid-eighties! It can feel really good on your shaft!
2 years ago
If only she had hairy legs too.
2 years ago
Alecia Fox is very Amazing so good sexy but i need you baby i love you Alecia
2 years ago
OMG, shave that pussy. YUK.
2 years ago
A girl that hot would ruin your life.
1 year ago
No way never shave. Hairy pussies are amazing. Yum
1 year ago
Absolutely, Gorgeous!!!, Elegant, and Classy!!!.
1 year ago
She is so damn perfect. Love those hairy pits. Would love to put a massive load on them, lick it off and share cum kisses with her.
1 year ago
Where, oh where can I find a woman like you.. perfect proportions, love the hairy, love everything.
1 year ago
Looks dirty
0 years ago
have tried oven cleaner on it
8 months ago
Oh hell ya, what a perfectly sexy girl. Perfect beaver and tits. Not sure about the armpit hair, but i could easily not care about that if she was with me
4 months ago
3 months ago
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